Both parties have been selling “change” as their mantra for this most recentelection cycle.  The change they talk about is generally two-fold, implementation of their policies as enunciated during the campaign, and to reform the way Washington does business.  But I want a different change, I want to change the way politicians run for office.  I want to make the political issues more transparent, more focused and less character.  I suspect most people of both parties, and especially those independent souls who swing elections, would agree that there are few if any politicans that truly command our respect.

Well I am of the view that we get the politicians that our voting patterns generate.  If we regularly elect ego-maniacal self-serving corrupt demagogues, then thats who will continue to run for office.  If we make our selections based on easy acceptance of the pap that historically our politicians spew, then pap is what will pass for political information.  On the other hand, if we can discipline ourselves to ignore the character based attacts, to ‘fact check’ assertions made by all sides, and really work to understand the complexities of most issues, I believe we will start to get a different kind of politician.  Possibly even a kind we can respect.

My intent here is not to take partisan sides (not that I am not partisan), but to talk about issues in a non-partisan fashion, to call out non-issue based politics and to generally be a force for an educated electorate.  I will promise not to lie, not to use facts or statements pulled out of context to prove a meaning not consistent with their use, or not to use any other form of political chicanery.

Please feel free to call me out on errors, ommissions and partisanship.  Feel free to ask me questions about any topic you’d like to see thrashed out here.   But please don’t get personal against me or other commenters and please keep your comments under 500 words.  (If you have something to say that requires that, I may post it here and give you credit).

Have it it!


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